Submit Your Work!

Issue #2: Open Call for Submissions

A gift of an interview. A barter within a community. A shift in power. “Exchange”—the theme of In Context Journal’s second issue—can mean many things. We want to know what it means to you. How do you exchange? Why do you exchange? What types of exchange do you engage in or witness in your work? What exchanges have had meaning for you? What exchanges have you found unjust? How do you protest exchange? We encourage our contributors to not only think outside the box, but challenge its dimensions, shape, and boundaries. We invite you to submit any type of visual, audio, and textual works that resonate with the mission of In Context Journal.


Submissions Guidelines

Submissions can be of any medium, length, and/or file size; however, if you plan to send us a file larger than 25MB, please email us with a project description first. In Context Journal particularly encourages the exploration of innovative angles of consideration and reflection. We also accept submissions that have been published previously, as well as compelling works in progress. In acknowledgement of the best ethical practices in oral history, please submit content only if appropriate permissions for your sources have been obtained. Currently, we do not offer compensation for publication. Send submissions to by January 1, 2017.


Have an idea for a piece you’d like to submit that’s outside our current theme?

Send us your pitch. Please share your idea in a paragraph or two, explaining the content, medium (text, image, video, sound, etc), and oral historical themes you aim to touch on in the final work. If your piece requires access to a particular person, archive, or event, please explain how such access will be possible. Estimations of word count and/or duration of media greatly assist us in our planning.